Social Media Virtual Assistant.

Workshops on social networking are all well and good, but it seems a surprising percentage of people set up basic accounts on LinkedIn or Facebook, and then either let them become obsolete through lack of use, or they don't use those accounts wisely or to their best advantage (too much personal information is posted, or there are numerous misspellings & grammatical errors, among other pitfalls).  We're of the opinion that it's better to have no social media presence than to have one that reflects on you poorly.

We will act as your social media "Virtual Assistant": prompting, nagging and role modeling your use of social networking to make you look like a pro on-line, and let you show off your expert skills in the areas you really are expert in.  No one will ever know we're in the background reminding you what and when to post.  We'll make sure you're on top of the social media curve while also ensuring you don't waste hours every week being distracted by all the cool topics and groups available on-line. 

The Virtual Assistant is billed on an initial set up fee with retainer basis.


However, if you really do just want some solid training in social networking, we offer Workshop #321:

Facebook, LinkedIn and More: Using Social Media on the Job.

Remember the old saying, "It's not what you know; it's who you know"?  Okay, so obviously you do need to know something in addition to someone, but if you know a lot of someones, doesn't that give you an added advantage when competing in the business marketplace?

Social media in some form or another is the new wave of connecting and marketing. (Did you know Miracle Whip has created its own social application? Who woulda thunk it?)  So maybe MySpace is on its way out, Facebook is being taken over by Boomers, and Twitter will soon morph into a form of communication with real value, but for now they (along with LinkedIn and others) are clearly the place to be.  After all, 37 million LinkedIn users (including Fortune 500 executives) can't all be wrong...

Key Points include:  The value and basics of the most common web-based personal and professional social networks; the pros and cons of connecting with people you don't know, especially the LIONs (LinkedIn Open Networkers); whether to post extensive amounts of personal or work-related information, and if so, how and when to do so; connecting with discussion groups and creating your own; how to use social networks to market yourself and/or your company; and developing a social media policy for the work place. 

Workshop runs as a 2-3 hour interactive/hands on training.  It is best done when all participants have access to their laptop or desktop during the training.

Facilitator:  Linda Snyder, M.S.

Class Size:  Minimum--6, Maximum--15 (more than 15 would require a second facilitator).

Required Equipment/Materials: Computer projector and screen, wireless or other connection.




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