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We have a number of great events coming up soon!

Greater Bangor Real Estate, Housing & Land Use 
Conference with Trade Show
October 31-November 01, 2013
Cross Insurance Center (in the Ballroom), 515 Main Street, Bangor

Attendees:  https://bangorhousingshowattendees.eventbrite.com
Exhibitors: https://bangorhousingshowexhibitors.eventbrite.com
Ads in the Conference Program:  https://bangorhousingshowprogram.eventbrite.com
You can also find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/mainerealestateinvestorsgroup 
LinkedIn at http://linkedin.com/groups/maine-real-estate-investors-group

Greater Androscoggin Real Estate, Housing & Land Use Conference 
November 08, 2013
Ramada Inn & Conference Center, 490 Pleasant Street, Lewiston

Attendees:  https://androhousingconferenceattendees.eventbrite.com
Sponsors & Micro Exhibitors:  https://androhousingconferencesponsors.eventbrite.com
Ads in the Conference Program:  https://androhousingconferenceprogram.eventbrite.com
You can also find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/mainerealestateinvestorsgroup  
LinkedIn at http://linkedin.com/groups/maine-real-estate-investors-group 

or contact Linda Snyder at 207 740 2247 or by email at LSnyder [at] regroupbiz.com.

According to the dictionary or thesaurus, ReGroup! means "redo, reorganize and reinvent"; we like the idea of the R E in ReGroup! standing for Resource Enhancement, Risk Evaluation, Real Estate, and Remarkable Events! 

We can help you ReGroup! both personally and professionally!

We are a project solutions firm committed to helping you make the best decisions for your company and your real estate investments, in good times and bad.

You can review the boxes below for snapshots of our expertise, or click on any of the buttons in the sidebar for more information.

This website is currently undergoing extensive revision...We hope to have it fully functional soon.  In the meantime, please contact Linda Snyder with any questions, thoughts or comments! LSnyder [at] regroupbiz.com or 207 740 2247. 

Remarkable Events

Our sister business is What a Great Event!, which developed naturally from our clients' needs for project management, fund-raising and marketing.  What a Great Event! produces our own events as well as those for our clients, and includes trade shows, non-profit resource fairs, open houses, staff retreats, product roll-outs, and even themed weddings (we produced our own very cool pirate-themed wedding, which people are still talking about!).

Among our own events coming up in 2013/2014 are:

October 31/November 01, 2013.  The Greater Bangor Real Estate, Housing & Land Use Conference with Trade Show at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor.

November 08, 2013. The Greater Androscoggin Real Estate, Housing & Land Use Conference at the Ramada Inn & Conference Center in Lewiston.

May 01/02, 2014.  The Greater Portland Real Estate, Housing & Land Use Conference with Trade Show at Seasons Conference Center in Portland.

June 05/06, 2014.  The Greater Portland Pet Conference & Expo at Seasons Conference Center in Portland.

September 12/13, 2014.  The Greater Bangor Pet Conference & Expo at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor.

September 26/27, 2014. The Greater Androscoggin Pet Conference & Expo at the Lewiston Armory in Lewiston.

If you're a non-profit or business looking to raise money or awareness for your organization, call us soon!  A well-planned project takes time & care, and should not be rushed

Real Estate

Marketing & Back Office Operations.

Does your real estate or property investment business need someone to handle your back office operations, business plan writing, project management, tightening up finances or marketing?  ReGroup! has the experience to handle it all for you.  And if you need a property manager to manage your tenant headaches, we will gladly refer you to a professional property management firm - On the Spot Rentals - owned and operated by John Snyder, A.S.  You can check out his website at www.onthespotrentals.com.

Conferences & Trade Shows.

We are producing the Greater Androscoggin Landlords & Real Estate Investors Conference and Trade Show on May 9-10 at the Ramada Inn & Conference Center, 490 Pleasant Street in Lewiston.  You can find more information on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/AndroRealEstateLandlordExpo/ or on LinkedIn under Maine Real Estate Investors Group.

Two more landlords & real estate investors conferences are being planned for later in 2013.

Maine Real Estate Investors Group - presently mothballed (in "regroup" mode...)

A blend of trade association and chamber of commerce in design, the Maine Real Estate Investors Group (MREIG) offers chapter meetings, brown bag lunches, on-site tours, fee-based workshop, a job matching service... and more.

MREIG is a regional (and perhaps soon to be statewide) organization; with the initial goal of 9 chapters from Saco to Bangor, each meeting monthly (except July). 

The chapter meetings consist of networking, good food, a guest speaker with Q & A session, and when possible, member roundtables for problem-solving or trouble-shooting a pressing concern.

Everyone involved in the real estate arena is invited to join: new and experienced investors/landlords/owners, bankers, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, appraisers, builders, building inspectors, and anyone else with a serious interest in real estate.

We also welcome vendors and ancillary service providers.  Why not sponsor a meeting or two?

Resource Enhancement & Risk Evaluation

Resource Enhancement means ensuring you have access to the best workforce and bottom line we can help you develop.  After all, your employees are among your organization's most important resources, right?

Services include

  • physical plant analysis (office, retail, multi-unit, warehouse, and manufacturing up to 1 million square feet or more),
  • assessing (or writing) policies & procedures to assure consistency, safety and buy-in from the staff
  • helping you write a business plan or grant-application 
  • scheduling and presenting staff training & workshops
  • developing strategic plans & succession plans
  • designing quality employee orientations

and helping any organization looking to cut costs or tighten up its finances.

The red ink bleeds throughout - employee, vendor, customer, physical plant, utilities, you name it - are identified and specific recommendations made.

Done on a consultant basis.

Our Risk Evaluation services are of a practical nature. 

We look at your day-to-day operations and help you identify the typical scenarios with the greatest potential risk that are most likely to happen to your particular organization.  We are not going to advise you to spend excessive amounts of money preparing for an unlikely event.  We will, however, point out the daily risks that all organizations face and offer inexpensive preventative measures.

Connect & OutSource!


Handling your social media needs... You know you have to be on Facebook and LinkedIn at the very minimum, and maybe you've done that.  But do you know how to use them for great results?  And if you do, do you have the time (or interest) in being on social media when other work is demanding your attention?

More information here.

Board Training and Mentor/Board Member Connections... Every entrepreneur needs an advisor - whether she knows it or not, and whether she believes it or not - no matter what stage of the business cycle her company is in. 

We can match you to a mentor, or interview and screen people for your advisory or governing board. 

More information here.


Interim Management.  C-Level and other short or long term management staffing.

Maintenance & Facilities Staff.  Property management, physical plant, or general contractor staffing.

Trade Show Staff.  Contracted per diem staff to expertly handle trade show booths & exhibits.


For an initial consultation, call us at 207.740.2247 or fill out our online request form.

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